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A mind at peace can do wonders, but what about a mind that is relentlessly curious? Is it stability or adversity that fosters personal growth? If you too are seeking these answers, join my exploratory journey.

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Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

Do you feel you need more clarity while making decisions? Or do you feel guilty about doing one task but enjoy doing the opposite? Imagine this: You want to live...

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Why Dopamine is Dope?

Why do you think Facebook has a Like button or the notifications are red in color or the video games have a rank system or Instagram has heart button? As...

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When was the last time you ate?

Do you remember the taste of the last food you ate? Most of us will answer this question using a varying degree of adjectives ranging from ‘good/tasty’ to ‘bad’. But...

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Why Setting The Tone is Important?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Check your WhatsApp or Instagram, maybe? or if you’re a professional working with people across different time zones, you check...

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