Tomorrow is not just another day!

Are you leading a life? The expression ‘Lead a Life’ has become so common that we have undermined its essence. The expression is not confined to just living a life, it also encompasses that activities that you undertake to lead it.

Still confused? Most of the actions that we take daily are not consciously planned. We can own up our mornings, but as the day kicks in, we forget about ‘leading’ the life and just start ‘responding’ to whatever life presents in front of us. In this process, we get so bogged down by what is existent that we loose the sight of what could be.

As a leader, the focus on one’s goal should be constant. Only an unwavering attention to the craft can produce mastery. On paper, the theory seems doable – everything’s on schedule. However, reality has a habit of surprising us. In our daily lives, we encounter too many unwanted situation that attempt to break that unwavering attention towards our goal. Too many variables curb our freedom to choose.

Life’s unpredictable and it intends to remain so forever. There’s nothing you can change about that. What you can change is your response to uncertainty and ambiguity. Yes, out of 10 planned hours, you might get only 5 hours to work. Don’t bog yourself down for that. Keep going.

There will always be elements of surprise. There will always be chaos. Your job is to get up and follow the path – whatever you can. Don’t look at the numbers, don’t look the hours spent on task and don’t look at the target achieved in day. Just show up to work.

Your goal might be big and far away from sight, but the next perfect step is right there waiting for you. The best part is even with all the uncertainty life presents, no one can take your ability to move ahead on the steps that you planned. Yes, you might get a bit delayed, but that’s perfectly okay. It’s better to get delayed than deflected.

Trust your instincts and follow the path that was designed to achieve the goal. You were tested by life today, but tomorrow won’t be just another day. It will present you with new opportunities to continue on your path, the path that will be challenging yet rewarding.

When you get up next morning, ask yourself, when you had the chance to walk this earth did you decide to give up on your dream or did you fight your way to success? Show up, just show up everyday. There’s no shortcut.

Ambiguity, challenges, uncertainty, and other problems will always be there. What won’t be there is the day you’re wasting being effected by these variables. If you look closely, they won’t add up to your equation.

You’ve a chance. Don’t be the victim of your past, be the architect of your future.

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